TMD & Bruxism

Problems with TMD and bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) are surprisingly common but can be straightforward to treat when diagnosed early. Bruxism often occurs during the night but symptoms include waking up with a painful jaw or aching teeth, noticing your teeth look more worn than before or feel sensitive to hot and cold. Bruxism can cause facial pain and problems with the jaw joints (TMD) and this may lead to chronic headaches which do not respond to conventional treatment.

Dr Keren can examine your teeth and jaws and may take digital x-rays and possibly a CT scan to gain a clearer picture of your teeth and jaw joints. Often these conditions can be treated with a simple night splint or night guard that is custom-made and which prevents the teeth from contacting.

Another common therapy is the use of botullinum toxin, to relax the muscles responsible for the symptoms.