Bone Grafting

There are many types of bone grafting procedures that may be used to provide successful dental implant therapy. They range from simple grafts such as ridge preservation through to complex block grafts and sinus lifts. However, they all have the same common goal and that is to improve the bone volume available for implants and also the bone quality to ensure long term success of any implant treatment. Since dental implants need to be placed in bone it is important to ensure that they are completely surrounded by sufficient amount of bone and that its quality is adequate.

The materials used to carry out bone grafting procedures also vary from using bone obtained from other parts of the jaw or body, but more commonly these days a bone ‘substitute’ is used instead. This means less procedures and discomfort for the patient.

One of the most popular and reputable bone grafting material is Bio Oss by a Swiss company Geisltich. This bone substitute is very safe and works extremely well in most situations where grafting is needed. Because it comes out of jar it means there is no second surgical site to obtain bone from other parts of the body or jaw. This leads to less pain and discomfort as well as faster healing times.